28 September 2011

It's just arm over arm until you reach the end

The first post! What a daunting experience...

Note to self: keep it simple.

Let's start with the blog name 'Keep in the swim'. This is almost a little reminder to me to do just that!  I love swimming, but I always seem to forget just how much I love it until I finish a swim and I'm beaming from ear to ear.  I'm starting to notice about myself that I often set goals that are challenging to reach and place me in a space of discomfort and fear.  I'm hoping that by writing down my thoughts around this will help me understand it better.

So, what's the next challenge I've given myself?  Imagine an open water swim event with a distance of 19.7km in the Indian Ocean which has had a number of shark sightings and passes through the busiest shipping lane to the Port of Fremantle.  Yes..you have the Rottnest Channel!  I've had my heart set on this event for several years, probably before I even moved to Australia.  It's fascinated me that there are so many people wanting to cross this Channel when there are actual sharks!  Something I don't get.  So I thought...why don't I become one of these swimmers and find out what makes this one of the most iconic races on the swimming calendar.

I'd like to share the journey with you and on the way unravel some of my experiences with swimming in open water and how this 'crazy' hobby, as some people would call it, has changed my life.

Phew...now that wasn't so bad :)


  1. my huzband tweeted your blog. what an awesome, crazy swim race! i had never heard of it. i love to swim as well but wouldn't say i'm quite that advanced. =) look forward to reading more!

  2. Thanks Rachel! To be honest I'm a little terrified but excited at the same time which feels good. Thanks for your support. :)

  3. Welcome to the blogging world Rose!