15 October 2011

Just keep smiling

Today I went to a Rottnest Channel info session run by Vlad and Louise who coach at VladSqaud.  Definitely the most terrifying part of this journey towards this ridiculously challenging goal.  What am I doing?!  'Just keep smiling' I said repeatedly to myself as I sat there and listened to these extraordinary swimmers - to give you an idea, 2 of them had just popped out of a 4 hour swim lapping Bondi bay, 3 of them had recently completed the Denarau to Beachcomber Island swim in Fiji (oh..and one of those swimmers did a double, and not only that she is the winner of Rottnest for 2 years running!), 1 of them was training for the English Channel and 1 of them was sitting quaking in her shoes wondering what the bloody hell she'd got herself into.

I suppose reality had to hit at some point.  

The good thing is my timing doesn't seem too far off.  I start training with this group next Monday for a 19 week program taking us right up to the Rotto swim. I have to complete a 10km qualifier sometime in December or January so currently keeping focused on that.

I left the session (which was held at the inspiring Bondi Iceberg Club) and walked along the coast to Bronte where Steve and I regularly go for a dip in the rock pool.  

This place is magical.   It somehow has the power to wash away any feelings of doubt in oneself and then replace it with an overwhelming sense of ability, strength and reassurance.  This is just what I needed! There were only a couple of swimmers in the pool and it was truly delightful.  I strapped on my goggles and dived straight in....Waaahoooo...thrilling!  I seemed to glide through the water - my muscles gradually remembering their moves.  I'm back in the swim!


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