16 February 2012

Staying in control

This morning we had a 4km set ahead of us.   It was pretty laid back, nothing too strenuous - 1500m warm up, 4x 50s, 100m, 4x50s, 100m, 5x 200s and finish off with a 1000m cool down.  We were reminded by our coach Vlad, that's it's not about the muscle anymore..it's all about the mind.  This is where I confess and say that I got out after 3km.  I couldn't finish it.  For the whole time by mind was whirling with negative thoughts, I was convincing myself that I can't do this.  It felt damaging and so I just got out.  I know that's OK as it's best to acknowledge those thoughts, deal with them and then move on.  I just thought I'd share this as now is probably the toughest time for me at the moment, it's the hardest part of the whole challenge!  

If you know me well, you'll know my habits leading up to something big.  I'm very good at planning and organising (hence Event Manager!), but I do get nervous and stressed on the final run up to an event, a big swim, a dinner that I'm hosting...  I start to lose focus and doubt myself.  My body tenses and this has a knock on impact with my health.  I am incredibly lucky with this particular challenge to have THE Steve Hopkins by my side who has been a tremendous support in reminding me to relax and trust myself

So my focus over the next 9 days is...keeping the focus!!  I've taken a day off work tomorrow to enjoy myself.  I'm not training in the morning so I can have a sleep in!  I've then booked a facial and hair appointment and I have a date with my gorgeous boyfriend in the evening.  It's going to be a opportunity for my mind & body to rest.  I have to trust myself that I can done all the preparation required and I am able to achieve this.  There's nothing else to worry about!

Keeping the focus!


  1. Well done Rose – very admirable!

  2. Amazing post darling. I'm very proud of you.

    One thing I tell myself sometimes when I get anxious leading up to something big is that the event will happen, whether I like it or not. In the same way, next Saturday you WILL be getting in the ocean, and then 24 hours after that, no matter what has happened, the event will be over.

    It helps me just relax (a little!) and focus instead on the actual event itself (because, it's going to happen!) instead of on the way I'm feeling or the thoughts that can take control of my mind.

    Have fun tomorrow! I'm looking forward to our date night :)

  3. Great blog post Rose! I love your honesty and vulnerability.

    It sounds like you have a great game plan and will be celebrating soon!

  4. Hi Rose,

    I work in the same office as Steve and was totally inspired when he told us you were swimming to Rotto this weekend. I've recently learnt to swim properly and really love it. Mostly I swim at Clovelly or Wylies but am signing up for stroke correction with VladSwim after a friend recommended him. I'm also from Sussex and regularly take the ferry to France... Steve said you swam the channel which is remarkable!

    Anyway, I wish you the very best and bloody good on you!

    Jo :-)