27 January 2012

I care. And so I swim.

I'm a big believer in that if you're doing something extra-ordinary for yourself, use the opportunity to give something extra-ordinary back! 

And that's exactly what I'm doing here.  In my efforts to cross the Rottnest Channel, I'm asking friends, family and colleagues to support me by making a donation to World Vision Australia.

Funds raised will go towards providing life-saving food aid and relief essentials in countries where people are in desperate need of assistance.

Did you know that EVERY DAY 925 million people wake up without enough food to eat?  It's hard to comprehend what that actually looks like.  Think about the people in your office, the people in your neighbourhood, in your city, in your State.  Think about the entire population of Australia and multiply that by a whopping 42!  I still find this hard to grasp.

My target is to reach $2000 for World Vision which will help them distribute up to $20,000 worth of food aid.  That's enough to feed 400 families for one whole month.

Do something extra-ordinary here:

"I can't do everything for everyone, but I can do something for someone" - Bob Pierce, Word Vision Founder
More information on World Vision and how the above appeal works click here.

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